If Fado had already been immortalized through the powerful voice of Amália Rodrigues, in 2011 this importance was reinforced through the attribution of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Fado has characteristics of a strong musical genre, which through art portrays feelings, longing, heartbreak and achievements.

If Amália Rodrigues, through her voice, took Fado all over the world, the truth is that several Fado singers, men and women, have continued as ambassadors of the best Fado sung here.

In Bairro Alto, one of the major tourist symbols of the Portuguese capital, Fado is a feature of the night. The sun sets and louder voices rise through the secular streets of the Bairro. The melodies invade the soul of those who understand the history of the art that is Fado.

A diamond that has been cut and continues to be, is heard by those who visit Portugal and don’t want to miss the opportunity to be touched.

And as Amália Rodrigues used to say, “Fado cries well.”


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