The bearer of a unique national identity, Portugal has a singular ambassador of Camões’ language to the world, which is Fado.

From the neighborhoods of the country to which Amália Rodrigues and Carlos do Carmo enchanted, to the four corners of the world, Fado has become the art that translates the word saudade.

In a first moment, Fado was found in the bohemian streets of the Portuguese capital. A humble art, that through the powerful voices of women and men broke linguistic boundaries. Fado thus became an ambassador of the Lusitanian country.

And it was after the 1930s that Fado began to gain recognition. Much of this recognition was due to the lyrical intensity linked to strong feelings of love and longing.

The evolution of the art that is Fado, now seeks to combine tradition and modernity as a way to continue to be the national identity of the country of Camões.


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