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Bairro Alto

Fado is Portuguese in nature, a symbol of the country, of our culture and of each one of us. Located in one of the oldest and most emblematic neighbourhoods of the city, Bairro Alto, Severa is a great option to listen to the voices that sing the longing.

This house, is an excellent choice for a Fado dinner in Lisbon. With capacity for more than 100 people, A Severa is a well-lit and cosy restaurant, surrounded by tijoleira (tiles), which form several landscapes of Lisbon.

You will be able to appreciate the lyrics and feel the melody. The performances are full of feeling and it is very easy to get emotional during the performances.


A Severa


Fado is the sung expression of a state of mind, melancholic or joyful, of praise or satire. The word – from latin Fatum – means Foresight: the Life foreseen by the Oracle and that nothing can change.

MARIA SEVERA, a gipsy singer, who was the most famous Fado singer of her time (19th century).

Daughter of a Portuguese woman from Ovar and of a gipsy, she soon surprised Lisbon with her exotic beauty and her expressive singing. The 13th Count of Mimoso fell in love with her. This reprehensible love satisfied court intrigues and inspired playwrights and poets.

There are those who think that the Portuguese soul is sad, because fado is generally sad; however, to suppose that a song can contain the psyche of a people is like looking for the image of the sea in a glass of water.

How much Life there is in our folk dances and songs

A Severa March

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P`ra ouvir esta canção sempre sincera.

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Ao Restaurante Típico “A Severa”