Fado is a characteristic musical genre of the Portuguese language, recognized all over the world. In Portugal, in the urban centers of Lisbon, Coimbra, and Porto, it is a remarkable phenomenon in the oldest areas of the city. It is sung in typical houses, where all the decoration is allusive to the moment.

When fado singers perform, they are usually accompanied by a classical guitar and a Portuguese guitar and tend to wear darker clothes. The most recurring themes of fado are love, tragedy, life’s difficulties, and “Saudade”, hence the tone of suffering and deep sadness.

Saudade is a word that marks the Portuguese people, it has no translation in other languages, it only translates the feeling of the word in a single way, through Fado.

Fado owes a lot to the concept of “Saudade”, for nostalgia, for what was lost or what was never achieved, thus carrying an enormous emotional force.


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