“What matters is to feel Fado. Because Fado is not sung, it happens. Fado is felt, not understood, nor explained.” – Amália Rodrigues

Of uncertain origin, fado is the result of who we were and who we are, of our five hundred year old diaspora and of everything that makes us Portuguese. It represents a people of longing, nostalgia, strength and uncontrolled feelings.

Feelings are particular to each individual and cannot be understood by others, since they belong to the mental experience of each one. Emotions, on the other hand, come as a consequence of feelings, and are demonstrated and observed by others.

A musical style characteristic of the Portuguese people, it began to be spread internationally, in the African continent and in Brazil, from the 1930’s on. However, it was from the 1950’s on, based on texts by academically trained poets and literary works, that the internationalization of fado was established, especially thanks to the erudite poetry sung by the voice of the peerless Portuguese fado singer – Amália Rodrigues – the greatest fado singer Portugal has ever known.

When felt, the dice, transmits to each individual unique feelings and emotions that only they will understand. Adoration, esteem, melancholy, saudade and nostalgia are present in each of us and in our lives, walking side by side with joy, affection, pride, tranquility and sadness.

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