Maria Severa Onofriana, daughter of Severo Manuel de Sousa and Ana Gertrudes, is known as the mythical figure of Lisbon fado. She was born on July 26, 1820, in Anjos parish.

Maria Severa traveled through the most popular neighborhoods of Lisbon, livening up the nights of many bairristas. After her presence, several taverns became famous. She had several loves, among them the Count of Vimioso, who, according to the story, was enchanted by her voice and the way she played the guitar. She became known as “Severa”, gaining recognition for her loves and for the fados she sang and danced. She lived only 26 years, but in her short life she achieved great recognition. There is little confirmed information about her life, which is shrouded in mystery. However, those who knew her left their stories.

Maria Severa was a very beautiful woman, with a voice like no other. She had a very characteristic personality, and those who knew her described her as a “very interesting fado singer, the likes of which Mouraria will never have again! Brave, full of affection for those she loved, just as she was rude to her enemies. (Júlio de Sousa e Costa).

If her fame was great in life, it cannot be compared to the fame she had after her death.

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