Fado, a traditionally Portuguese musical genre and one of Portugal’s biggest brand images abroad, if not the biggest.

This musical genre is known for its expressiveness and ability to arouse feelings of nostalgia and pain in those who hear it more than feel it.
When heard live, in emblematic venues like “A Severa”, all this emotional impact is amplified. The atmosphere plays a crucial role in intensifying visitors’ emotions and in this space, everyone feels immersed in the tradition and culture of Fado.
When the artist begins to sing, his voice echoes off the stone walls and fills the space. Songs that describe deep feelings of lost love, sea adventures or longing are heard throughout the rooms of the house and the connection between the singer and the audience is intensified by the intimate atmosphere they are surrounded by. In addition, the unique atmosphere creates a sense of authenticity and immersion in Portuguese culture and this allows visitors not only to connect with the music, but also with the whole history and tradition of Fado.
The experience of live Fado at “A Severa” is a deep dive into the emotions of the Portuguese soul. The intense emotions experienced combined with the atmosphere and authentic history of the venue contribute to the formation of lasting and meaningful memories in customers.

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