In the heart of Lisbon, a special place has played a fundamental role in preserving and promoting the Portuguese Fado tradition. The restaurant and Fado house “A Severa” is much more than just a gastronomic establishment; it is a cultural institution that celebrates the richness of Fado and Lusitanian culture.

Fado is a musical form that transcends time, conveying deep emotions and a unique connection with the Portuguese soul. At “A Severa,” this tradition is honored authentically, with performances by talented Fado singers, where visitors are immersed in centuries-old traditional songs filled with history and passion.

“A Severa” takes its name from Maria Severa Onofriana, a legendary figure associated with Fado, reflecting the profound respect that the venue has for the history and roots of Fado. The live performances are not just shows; they are windows to the Portuguese soul, expressing saudade and melancholy in a profound and touching manner.

In addition to music, “A Severa” offers an authentic gastronomic experience that highlights the flavors of Portuguese cuisine. Codfish dishes, regional cheeses, and local wines come together to create a meal that pays tribute to the country’s rich culinary tradition. Visitors have the opportunity to savor authentic Portugal in every bite and sip.

The contribution of “A Severa” to the Portuguese tradition is undeniable. This place is an embassy of Lusitanian culture, attracting locals and tourists from all over the world. It is a window to the authenticity of Portugal, where Fado, food, and hospitality come together to create an unforgettable experience.

“A Severa” is not just a restaurant and Fado house; it is a champion of Portugal’s cultural heritage. Its contribution to the Portuguese tradition is immeasurable, as it keeps the Fado flame alive and shares the wealth of the country’s culture with the world.

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