The musical culture that represents “Saudade”, a word that exists only in the Portuguese language, was emphasized in earlier times with Amália Rodrigues, and Carlos do Carmo, among others. Currently, we have names like Mariza, Carminho, and Ana Moura among others names that give voice to the art that is Fado. Severa has prepared a list with the names of some of the most famous and heard “Fados”. 

First, we present Amália Rodrigues – “Povo que lavas no rio”. In 1961 the singer sang the poem by Pedro Homem de Mello with her soul. 

Secondly, we have Alfredo Marceneiro – “Cabelo Branco” or “Mais uma Noite de Fado”. The singer highlighted with his voice the hymn of nostalgia and melancholy present in the song. 

Thirdly, we have Carlos do Carmo – “Canoas do Tejo”. The singer sang with his voice a hymn to the Portuguese capital of which he was a native.

In fourth place, we have Mariza – “Ó gente da minha terra”. The singer owner of a powerful voice took “fado” to the four corners of the world by voicing one of Amália Rodrigues poems. 

Lastly, we present Camané – “Sei de um Rio”. The singer, through his voice, sings about his native city and the river that runs through it. 

Which one is your favorite?


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