With the arrival of autumn, our menu has been renewed. The Portuguese roots continue to be the starting point of the dishes created by Chef Daniel Paula, together with his team.

Tradition continues to be the motto for the preparation of the dishes. In addition to the traditional and authentic dishes with a captive place in the restaurant, you will find suggestions that will certainly make you come back.

According to the Chef, “The menu was created taking into account two basic principles, the first one is that Severa is a restaurant with 67 years of history, linked to fado and Portuguese cuisine. The second one is that we wanted to maintain a solid base of what was already being done. Having defined this, we set out for a menu where we want to use Portuguese products and/or recipes with a careful and appealing presentation.”

In the preparation of one of the dishes, there is the intention to highlight several ingredients, namely “the Couscous from Trás-os-Montes, because Severa has strong connections to Bragança, is a product of ours that many people don’t know and because they fit into our principles of creating the menu, we take something almost forgotten, bring it and highlight it.”

Being something very subjective, as it always depends on the taste of each one, the Chef highlights the Grouper with cockles rice, a dish that “tastes” like the sea.

There is no doubt that the dish that will most be on the tables of A Severa will be the cod confit with parsnip purée. Several customers from all over the world pass through these doors and the choice of cod is almost automatic, due to the association of this fish with Portugal and Portuguese cuisine.

A’Severa continues to have the tourist menu, which includes green broth with chorizo, cod confit (parsnip puree, fried onions and parsley oil) or old-fashioned duck rice and dessert of your choice.

The menu privileges national products and their excellence, with traditional techniques that respect Portuguese recipes.

You can consult our menu here: https://qrco.de/bd0jh7

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