At the epicentre of the A Severa experience lies a vital element that goes beyond simply providing services: unparalleled dedication. It is this tireless devotion that proves to be the true secret of the infectious friendliness that welcomes our customers and the unrivalled quality of our cuisine.

Every member of our team has an intrinsic passion for what we do. From the warm welcome to the impeccable table service, every action is driven by an unwavering commitment to exceed expectations. This isn’t just a job, it’s a shared mission to create memorable moments for everyone who walks through A Severa’s doors.

The friendliness we radiate is not a formality, but a genuine expression of care. This attention to detail, combined with a cosy atmosphere, goes beyond the ordinary.

The gastronomic journey at A Severa is not just a matter of flavour, but a sensory experience. The meticulous dedication is reflected in each dish, from the choice of fresh ingredients to the impeccable presentation. Each recipe is a testament to the commitment to gastronomic excellence, elevating not only the palate but also the perception of what a true dining experience should be.

Behind the scenes, our team works harmoniously, each complementing the other to create an environment where efficiency and passion are intertwined. Continuous training and the pursuit of excellence are the foundations that underpin our commitment to offering not just a meal, but an extraordinary journey.


+213 428 314 (national fixed line call)

+213 461 204 (national landline call)