In a setting where exceptional gastronomy meets the nostalgic melody of Fado, Casa de Fados A Severa stands out as a stage where the senses are graced with a complete spectacle of flavour and emotion. Here, the experience is a celebration that combines the richness of traditional dishes with the emotional depth of Portuguese music.

The real highlight is the incorporation of Fado into each evening you visit. While savouring the delicacies at the table, we are lulled by the emotional notes of Fado, a musical expression that transcends the barriers of time. The music echoes off the walls, infusing the atmosphere with a sweet melancholy that enriches every moment.

Dinner at A Severa is more than a meal, it’s a journey that takes us through the senses, exploring the corners of Portuguese culture in unexpected and exciting ways.

By experiencing this show, we are invigorating our souls with the richness of a tradition that pulses with life. Every forkful is an applause to our culinary heritage, every chord of Fado is a reverence to the music that is the trail of our history. At A Severa, experience more than a meal, experience a complete celebration of flavours and emotions that will live on in your memories.


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