Summer is already in full swing in our calendars and the opportunities for an unforgettable evening are all at A Severa, where the atmosphere can transport you to the roots of fado and to all the Lusitanian essence expressed in the streets of Bairro Alto.
It’s time to enjoy a little bit of this style, Intangible Heritage of Humanity since 2011, accompanied by a gastronomy rich in Lisbon flavors, in a vast and complete menu for all tastes.

You can always venture into our Tourist Menu, present at the end of our menu, where we offer you a selection of our special and most characteristic products.

But, regardless of your gastronomic choice, what we can guarantee is that from Monday to Sunday (except Wednesdays), the entertainment is with you until 02h00, varying artists in an agenda that you can consult on the home page of our site.

If you are passing through Lisbon, this is the summer experience you can’t miss.

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