Lisbon has a special place that has become the meeting point for Portuguese music lovers. A Severa, a true refuge for those who wish to experience the richness and excitement of Portuguese music culture. Our restaurant has established itself as an iconic place for Portuguese music enthusiasts, highlighting their passion for art and engaging performances.

At A Severa we embrace traditional Fado, making us a stage for the artistic passion of talented musicians. The house welcomes local artists and new emerging talents, offering them the opportunity to share the best they can do with an audience eager to discover and enjoy their music.

Performances at A Severa are known for their exceptional quality and intimate atmosphere that engages the audience. As the artists take the stage, their voices and instruments unite to tell deep stories, evoking emotions and transporting listeners to a world of unique sensations. The magic of the moment is amplified by the intimate connection between the artists and the audience, creating an atmosphere of complicity and sharing that’s truly incomparable.

In addition to musical performances, A Severa offers a vibrant and inspiring environment for music lovers to gather. The space is decorated to create a warm and authentic atmosphere, with elements that pay tribute to the great names in music and recall the history of Portuguese music. Customers can enjoy their meals while soaking up the contagious energy of live music, sharing moments of companionship, and appreciating the Portuguese musical culture.

Severa is genuinely the meeting place for Portuguese music lovers in Lisbon. With engaging performances, it captivates the hearts and minds of music lovers. If you want to explore the rich Portuguese culture, be sure to visit this cultural treasure, where music becomes a universal language that connects people and touches souls.

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