If you’re looking for an experience that harmonises the taste of traditional food with the warmth of a welcoming atmosphere, look no further. A Severa is the perfect destination for those who value authentic cuisine and wish to immerse themselves in the cultural richness of Fado.

At A Severa, each dish is a tribute to the tradition of Portuguese cuisine, prepared with fresh ingredients and passion. From irresistible appetisers to main courses that dazzle the palate. Our kitchen invites you on a unique gastronomic journey. Discover the remarkable flavours that tell the story of our culinary heritage.

When you enter A Severa, you are greeted by an atmosphere that soothes the soul. Our spaces have been designed to provide cosiness, with décor that blends tradition and contemporaneity. Every detail has been carefully thought out to create an environment where customers feel at home, surrounded by the warm hospitality that defines us.

In addition to the delicious cuisine and cosy atmosphere, A Severa is famous for offering unforgettable Fado nights. Let yourself be enveloped by the passionate and exciting voices of our fado singers, while enjoying a meal that is a celebration of authenticity and tradition.
At A Severa, we combine the best of traditional cuisine with the magic of Fado, creating an experience that goes beyond a simple meal. Join us and allow yourself to live moments that will remain forever etched in your memory.



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