Ascensor da Bica or Elevador da Bica, is one of the most famous and photographed funiculars in Lisbon.
This picturesque lift has been connecting Cais do Sodré to Bairro Alto for almost 130 years, guaranteeing a wonderful view to everyone who steps on it.
Considered a National Monument since 2002, this funicular has been in existence for over a century.
It is one of Lisbon’s great attractions and is often the target of artistic interventions, which delight all tourists and without which this city would be a bit duller, as it has become one of the many attractions.

Inaugurated on 28 June 1892, this eternal observer of nightlife in the Bairro Alto, shares the city’s liveliness during the acclaimed Santos Populares
Populares, where the merrymaking and good humour passes through, prolonged essentially during the hot months.
With the Tagus River as a backdrop, this trip is calm, although short.
In this magnificent system of electric cars it is possible to appreciate the various streets of one of the most traditional neighbourhoods of Lisbon. It is from its windows that you can see the façades of the buildings up close, as well as observe the quiet life of the bairristas, sitting at the window, watching and commenting on the passing of the lift.
In the city of the seven hills, the journey inside this small lift is calm and magical, with the most picturesque route, providing a beautiful and different view over the Tagus.


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