Lisbon is a city where art manifests itself in many forms, but perhaps none as iconic as Fado. At A Severa, evenings are filled with the melancholy melody and passionate poetry of this much-loved musical genre. Our fado singers, true artists of the soul, bring to life the emotions that echo through Lisbon’s alleys, transporting you to a world where music tells the city’s deepest stories.

Friendliness is an intrinsic characteristic of Lisbon’s inhabitants and at A Severa this warm hospitality is extended to every visitor. Our dedicated team is ready to welcome you with open arms, ensuring that your experience is delightful and full of genuine smiles and personalised attention. Here, every customer is more than a guest, they are part of our story.

Lisbon is a city that prides itself on its rich gastronomic tradition and we take this legacy seriously. Each dish is a tribute to the authentic flavours of Portugal, featuring fresh ingredients and recipes handed down from generation to generation. From irresistible starters to main courses that celebrate seafood and quality meat, our cuisine is a living expression of Lisbon’s culinary tradition.

When you enter A Severa, you will immediately be enveloped by the atmosphere that echoes Lisbon’s charm. The décor, inspired by traditional colours and patterns, creates an atmosphere that is both welcoming and vibrant. Each element has been carefully chosen to transport you to the bustling streets and historic alleyways of the Portuguese capital.

At Casa de Fados A Severa, we don’t just offer a meal, we provide a complete immersion in the soul of Lisbon. Every note of Fado, every welcoming smile and every delicious flavour are elements that come together to create an experience that is truly Lisbon.

We invite you to join us on this unique journey, where art, friendliness and good food come together to create unforgettable memories.

Experience Lisbon at A Severa!