A Severa, one of Lisbon’s most emblematic places, is a place where culture, gastronomy and hospitality come together to offer visitors a unique experience. This magical space combines the excellence of the food, the beauty of traditional music and the friendliness of its staff, making each visit memorable.
The heart of the experience at A Severa is undoubtedly the food. The restaurant’s talented and dedicated chefs prepare dishes that are a true celebration of Portuguese cuisine. From the famous Arroz com Polvo to the creamy Chocolate Mousse, each delicacy is an explosion of flavours that captivates diners’ taste buds.
Fresh, local ingredients play an important role in the creation of the dishes, giving them an authentic touch that is the hallmark of A Severa. Carefully selected Portuguese wines complement the meal, making it even more special.
Traditional Portuguese music is an integral part of the experience at A Severa. Fados, emotional songs full of history and nostalgia, are performed with passion and mastery by local artists. The sound of Portuguese guitars and emotive voices envelop visitors in an atmosphere that transports them to the deepest corners of Lusitanian culture.

Live music is a constant at A Severa and the regular shows provide an intimate connection between the artists and the audience. It’s a unique opportunity to experience Portugal’s musical tradition in an authentic and emotional way.

In addition to the exquisite cuisine and passionate music, what really makes A Severa special is the friendliness and hospitality of its staff. The warm and welcoming staff make every visit a truly unique experience. Customers are welcomed with genuine smiles and treated like part of the family.
Attention to detail and a desire to provide exceptional service make A Severa a place where visitors feel truly welcome and appreciated.

A Severa is more than a restaurant – it’s a place where excellent food, traditional music and friendliness come together to create an experience that is unrivalled. When visiting this iconic venue, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of Portugal, all while enjoying a delicious meal and exciting musical moments.

When looking for an experience that celebrates the best that Portugal has to offer, A Severa is undoubtedly a destination to consider. Every visit to this establishment is a celebration of the rich heritage and warm hospitality that make Portugal truly special.

Come and enjoy the oldest and most traditional gastronomy you can find in the heart of Lisbon!

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